Refunds and cancellations policy

Because of the various issues concerning the recent change in exchange rates between the pound and the yen, airline tickets and teaching fees, up-front costs for the event organisers are considerable. For this reason, only limited refunds are available in the event of a cancellation. Our refunds policy is as follows:

  1. Unfortunately no refund will be possible if you choose to cancel your booking yourself after having paid for it.
  2. In the event that Maruyama Sensei cannot come and teach for some reason we will try to arrange for a suitable replacement event, ideally with an instructor that Maruyama Sensei suggests.
  3. In the event that Maruyama Sensei is unavailable and an alternative event and no suitable instructor can be arranged, a 100% refund of your seminar fee will be available on request, please contact the seminar organisers to request this.
  4. We cannot refund any travel or accommodation costs other than the accommodation in the dojo dormitory itself.
  5. Any refunds must be claimed by 20th of June 2018.