Every river has a name. However, these names disappear when they flow into the great ocean. Aikido has many styles, many names, but aikido is aikido. It is my vision and hope that, like the rivers , they flow together and unite as one.
— Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei, Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai

Class Times

THURSdays 2000-2200

Kendal Judo Club, Parkside Business Park, Parkside Road, Kendal LA97EN

Beginners always welcome


The Takagashira Dojo (鷹頭 道場) is a small independent not-for-profit dojo practising the Japanese martial art of aikido and affiliated to Aikido Yuishinkai (合氣道唯心会). The Takagashira Dojo takes its name from the Cumbrian Lake District village of Hawkshead where it was first opened (Takagashira means Hawkshead in Japanese). The dojo was founded on 3rd September 2008 by Mike Haft Sensei. The dojo moved to Kendal Leisure Centre in June 2016, and then to its current location in the Kendal Judo Dojo in August 2017.