Our dojo held some gradings on 28th May, congratulations to David Hill for getting his black belt, and to Stephen Bagnall on getting his 1st Kyu and to Balazs Szabo on his 6th Kyu. Well done to you all, and thanks to our unexpected visitors from Yorkshire for joining in the fun

Six Harmonies in Aikido Yuishinkai

Many readers will doubtless be aware of the resurgence of interest in ‘Internal Strength’ in aikido. Historically this soft, internal skill was referred to as aiki by the founder of Daito-ryu Sokaku Takeda, and was a skill-set he passed on to his students.

Many who have studied the Chinese internal arts such as t’ai chi ch’uan will have heard of something called the Six Harmonies

Views of the Lake District

We’ve added some photos of the Lake District National Park to our Facebook page here:

Maruyama Sensei’s seminar will take place in Kendal which is a town located just on the edge of the Lake District, if you’re planning on coming to Sensei’s seminar then you might want to take some time to explore all the beautiful scenery of the lakes while you’re here.

Small date change for Maruyama Sensei seminar

We’re sorry to have to change the dates of the seminar so soon after announcing them, but we’ve just had an opportunity to use the Kendal Judo Dojo for Sensei’s seminar and we could not pass it up.  It is a 356m2 mat, the dojo also offers accommodation for up to 40 people for £15 per night each. The dates of Sensei’s seminar will therefore now be:

1st, 2nd and 3rd of August 2014

Kendal Judo Dojo

Kendal Judo Dojo

Maruyama Sensei coming to Europe this summer

We’re very pleased to announce that Maruyama Sensei will be coming to the UK in early August, dates are currently 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August but we will confirm them as soon as we can. As things stand, this will be Sensei’s only seminar in Europe in 2014 so book early to avoid disappointment. The seminar web pages are here, we will add more information to these pages as well as seminar registration options in the very near future.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

A new assistant instructor for the dojo

We’d like to announce that we now officially have a new assistant instructor at our dojo, David Hill. Dave first began learning aikido at the Takagashira Dojo in early 2009, he passed his 1st Kyu grading in December of last year, ever the keen student Dave also helps manage the club and he will be responsible for leading the training sessions when Mike can’t be there. Congratulations Dave, now, get back to training